There is something extremely satisfying about taking a piece (or pile) of wood that is in rough shape – what most would consider as destined for the waste bin or fire pit – and turning it into something beautiful, something to adorn one’s home, to be appreciated or even turned into a family heirloom to be passed on for generations to come.

I’m fairly new to woodworking but I love everything about it. It’s not unlike graphic design in that one uses specialty tools for creative thinking and problem solving, and therefore it’s limitless in creative possibilities.

I enjoy the tactile nature of it. From the feel of the wood, the weight of a hand plane in my hand and the sound it makes as I shave one sliver at a time, to the smell of walnut as it fills my shop when I run it through my table saw.

But for me, the best part is the mindfulness. The effortless way to lose oneself in a project as hours seemingly fly by. No right or wrong way to do a thing. No committee looking over my shoulder, micro managing my every decision. I’m in charge. I get to pick the tools, the techniques, the wood and the outcome, coming up with creative solutions and fixing errors along the way until I reach a finished project that looks and feels great.

And I got to do it with my own hands!

Below are some fruits of my labor. A lot of them a result of hours of practice, but most of them are pure curiosity or willingness to attempt something for the first time knowing full well it might end up as kindling.