The Breakthrough Approach to Strategy for Organizations Driven by Purpose

Karla Raines is an accomplished strategist serving purpose-driven organizations in dynamically competitive industries. She created an inventive strategy process, Differentiation Zone®, that shares powerful lessons pulled from over two decades of consulting experience. She has published a book on this framework, but now wanted to create an online tool where users can learn and apply the Differentiation Zone® framework and techniques.

UX Design • UI Design • Brand Development

Christopher D’Antonio (UX, UI, Brand), Andrew Martin (Front-end, Back-end development)

6 weeks (Brand, Landing Page), 16 weeks (MVP prototype)

Research and Discovery

Our first step was to conduct a couple of discovery sessions with the client to learn about her vision and objectives. Since this was a brand new product, a lot still needed to be figured out (site map, personas, pricing models, etc.) and the client was looking for a partner that can guide her through the process of collaboration and iteration. For session 1 we focused on what it needs to do, and session 2 was about the look and feel.

Sketched out ideas that helped visualize the necessary page elements and interactions.

We developed user stories to map out functional requirements and user flows.


User Personas

Pricing Models


Design and Prototype

Once the primary experience was approved in wireframes, we started applying the branding and designing the the UI elements.