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Bottles is a place where people come together to discover, catalog and share wine, beer and sprits.

App Design    |    Website design    |    Branding

Brand Development
Elegant emphasis

With Bottles, we wanted to create a brand that looked high-end but also had a relatable personality. We did this by using beautiful photography, simple language and a vivid primary color palette.

User Experience
Keepin' it simple

We put in a ton of effort to create a truly intuitive & forward-thinking product. We started with sketches that eventually evolved into a set of wireframes based around the idea of simplicity.

My Cellar
Wine Details
App Features
Discover, catalog and share

Our database of thousands of wines, beer and spirits has you covered no matter what your tastes are. Easily add & keep track of which bottles you’ve tried, have in stock, or want to buy later.