Photography has always been part of my job as a designer in some capacity. Wether that was finding a needle in a haystack on a stock photo site, snapping some shots on a phone for a mockup or art directing a photo shoot, photography is not just a tool for a designer; it’s a medium that enriches the design process, fosters empathy, and elevates the quality of user interactions.

But it would be a serious knee injury that afforded me the time to explore the technical and creative aspects of photography as a craft. Experimenting with the equipment, composition, lighting, and post-processing allows one to continually challenge themselves and evolve their skills.

I especially appreciate the way it allows me to focus on the present moment. When I look through the lens to capture a photo, I inherently become more attuned to the person, details, colors, and textures that might otherwise go unnoticed.

This heightened focus not only enriches the entire experience but also becomes a useful exercise that can increase mindfulness in everyday life.

But my favorite part of photography is that it is a powerful means of self-expression transcending language barriers and facilitating the sharing of memories, cultures, and diverse perspectives. The act of framing a scene and freezing it in time becomes a form of personal narrative, allowing one to tell an entire story with a single frame.

I’ve had the pleasure of experimenting with different types of photography, from portrait to wedding to product to interiors and below are a few selects, some of which I was paid for and others taken purely out of enjoyment of the craft.